From Harp & Sword Chronicles

Friday, January 15, 2010

And this one is the second book cover. Still waiting word on release date, but should be sometime this month, if not next. No nude guys on these covers, but I think the designs are breathtaking, if I do say so myself. No I didn't photoshop these, but I did find the pics and the fonts and formatted the placing of words. The gal at Dark Roast Press found the colors to use and put in the borders as well as put the designs together. I was floored at how well the color of the font fit the pictures! Yay, Winnie!


Rhov said...

The flame picture is lovely. It really looks great. Good job!

Myristica said...

Hi, Hon,
Thanks for commenting! It was actually the cover artist at Dark Roast Press who did this one, but I chose the image to put up. She did the rest. I searched high and low for an iced heart that didn't look animated or cheeky, but found nothing. Came across this cold looking flame and decided it was the best to symbolize the title and underlying theme of the story. I am very happy with it and glad you like it, too! ;)
Take care!