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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nice picture, huh? See comments on Duran Duran below...

To be honest, I'm not receiving any comments to these posts, so if you're wondering why I'm not here day in and day out posting, until there's some traffic here, I can't see the point. Not being snide or rude, just saying that when there's something to say I'll be here posting. And for the last 10 weeks nothing has been happening except I've been down with battling a fibroid tumor in the uterus, enough to cause my OBGYN to recommend a hysterectomy, which I'm all for. Get the damn thing out of me and maybe my life can get back to normal. I've not even touched my computer for about 6 weeks as a result. I'm online today as I'm feeling pretty good, considering. Thought I'd touch base with anyone out there who may just stumble upon these rantings of mine and decide they want to read more.

Anyway, a friend of mine and I are diving a bit into the Duran Duran side of things and finding out that Simon Le Bon has been an out bi-sexual for a few years now, I got all excited and decided to splash into the past for a bit. Also, it's cool to be able to capture onto the lyrics and spark the flame of passion for words again. Robert Plant does the same, but he and Simon do it from different angles, so I get a well-rounded view of imagery from both sides. :) Nice.

Also, their videos do have a habit of inspiring the mind. My friend is working on a story for the video to "Nightboat" and I pulled out an old story I started around the time 'Wild Boys' came out which is a story video in itself! I love the videos where there's an actual 'theme' to them. Went into You Tube and pulled up Arcadia's videos as well and just love seeing Nick and Simon do their thing from the creative angle. It's been a nice change of pace, different temperature in this pool than Led Zeppelin, but still both bands are very much in my top playing lists. (I can never truly break away from Zeppelin and Pagey. :)
So, with that being said, I await the surgery while dosing myself on pain killers and seeking to remember that there is life outside the doctor's offices.
Peace out,


the monk said...

Simon Le Bon is not an out bisexual.
You can blame Wiki vandals for that one.

Rhov said...

My sister was a massively huge Duran Duran fan "back in the day." I mean life size posters covering her walls and ceiling, imitating their hair, going to every concert, and bawling her eyes out when one of them got married. She still plays their music and went to their last concert. I have to admit, their videos are breathtaking and can inspire me even today. I wish musicians still made videos like that.

Myristica said...

Woops on the wiki vandals. but you gotta admit, his kissing John Taylor all the time makes one wonder. hmmmm.

I agree with Rhov, it would be nice to have the new musicians of this day and age use some inspiring images of the world around us and imagination for their videos. Much of what I see anymore are T & A bimbos who gyrate or studs who strut. Nice enough to look at, but nobody does videos the way D&D did videos. :)